Frigidaire Refrigerator Freezer

241798224 Frigidaire Ice Maker Genuine OEM 241798224

241798224 Frigidaire Ice Maker Genuine OEM 241798224

241798224 Frigidaire Ice Maker Genuine OEM 241798224
241798224 Frigidaire Ice Maker Genuine OEM 241798224. Electrolux brands include Electrolux, Frigidaire, Tappan, Gibson, White Westinghouse, and Kenmore. This part number has changed over the years. This is a detailed list of all known cross reference numbers.

Please note, every time a part number is cross referenced, this might indicate that it has been redesigned and might come with more or less or no additional components such as screws or wire-ring components. This part fits in the following model numbers: (Please note this is not a complete list).

If you want to search for your model quickly, use the Control-F search option in windows. 241798224 Fits the Following Appliance Models 95-1990-00-00 95-1990-23-00 95-1990-45-00 95-1990-57-00 95-1990-66-00 95-1997-00-04 95-1997-23-04 95-1997-66-04 95-1999-00-02 95-1999-23-02 95-1999-45-02 95-1999-57-02 95-1999-66-02 AFFU2068DW0 AFFU2068DW1 ATG175NCD0 ATG175NCD1 ATG175NCW0 ATG175NCW1 ATG175NLD0 ATG175NLW0 ATG185NCD0 ATG185NCD1 ATG185NCW0 ATG185NCW1 ATG185NLD0 ATG185NLW0 BFHS2611LM0 BFHS2611LM1 BFHS2611LM2 BGHS2634KE0 BGHS2634KE1 BGHS2634KE2 BGHS2634KP0 BGHS2634KP1 BGHS2634KP2 BGHS2644KF0 BGHS2644KF1 BGHS2644KF2 CRSE230KW0 CRSE234FB0 CRSE234FB1 CRSE234FB2 CRSE234FB3 CRSE234FB4 CRSE234FQ0 CRSE234FQ1 CRSE234FQ2 CRSE234FQ3 CRSE234FQ4 CRSE234FSM0 CRSE234FSM1 CRSE234FSM2 CRSE234FSM3 CRSE234FSM4 CRSE234FW0 CRSE234FW1 CRSE234FW2 CRSE234FW3 CRSE234FW4 CRSE234JB0 CRSE234JB1 CRSE234JB2 CRSE234JB3 CRSE234JQ0 CRSE234JQ1 CRSE234JQ2 CRSE234JQ3 CRSE234JSM0 CRSE234JSM1 CRSE234JSM2 CRSE234JSM3 CRSE234JW0 CRSE234JW1 CRSE234JW2 CRSE234JW3 CRSE264FB0 CRSE264FB1 CRSE264FB3 CRSE264FQ0 CRSE264FQ1 CRSE264FQ3 CRSE264FSS0 CRSE264FSS1 CRSE264FSS3 CRSE264FW0 CRSE264FW1 CRSE264FW3 CRSE264JB0 CRSE264JB1 CRSE264JB2 CRSE264JQ0 CRSE264JQ1 CRSE264JQ2 CRSE264JSS0 CRSE264JSS1 CRSE264JSS2 CRSE264JW0 CRSE264JW1 CRSE264JW2 CRSE266FB0 CRSE266FB3 CRSE266FSS0 CRSE266FSS3 CRSE266FW0 CRSE266FW3 CRSH232PB0 CRSH232PB1 CRSH232PB2 CRSH232PB3 CRSH232PB5 CRSH232PB6 CRSH232PB7A CRSH232PB9A CRSH232PBBA CRSH232PS0 CRSH232PS1 CRSH232PS3 CRSH232PS4 CRSH232PS5A CRSH232PS7A CRSH232PS9A CRSH232PW0 CRSH232PW1 CRSH232PW2 CRSH232PW3 CRSH232PW5 CRSH232PW6 CRSH232PW7A CRSH232PW9A CRSH232PWAA CRSH232PWBA CRSH232PWCA CRSH237LB0 CRSH237LB1 CRSH237LB2 CRSH237LB3 CRSH237LB4 CRSH237LS0 CRSH237LS1 CRSH237LS2 CRSH237LS3 CRSH237LS4 CRSH237LW0 CRSH237LW1 CRSH237LW2 CRSH237LW3 CRSH237LW4 CRSH238MB1 CRSH238MB2 CRSH238MB3 CRSH238MB4 CRSH238MB5 CRSH238MB6 CRSH238MS1 CRSH238MS2 CRSH238MS3 CRSH238MS4 CRSH238MW1 CRSH238MW2 CRSH238MW3 CRSH238MW4 CRSH238MW5 CRSH238MW6 CRSH265LB0 CRSH265LB1 CRSH265LB2 CRSH265LB3 CRSH265LW0 CRSH265LW1 CRSH265LW2 CRSH265LW3 CRSH266MB2 CRSH266MW2 CRSH266MW3 CRSH267LB0 CRSH267LB2 CRSH267LB3 CRSH267LB5 CRSH267LS0 CRSH267LS2 CRSH267LS3 CRSH267LS4 CRSH267LS5 CRSH267LW0 CRSH267LW2 CRSH267LW3 CRSH267LW5 CRSH268MB2 CRSH268MB3 CRSH268MB4 CRSH268MB5 CRSH268MB6 CRSH268MB7 CRSH268MB8 CRSH268MBC CRSH268MBDA CRSH268MS2 CRSH268MS3 CRSH268MS4 CRSH268MS5 CRSH268MS6 CRSH268MS7 CRSH268MS9 CRSH268MSC CRSH268MSDA CRSH268MW2 CRSH268MW3 CRSH268MW4 CRSH268MW6 CRSH268MW7 CRSH268MW8 CRSH268MW9 CRSH268MWB CRSH268MWCA CRSS262QB0 CRSS262QB1 CRSS262QB3 CRSS262QB4 CRSS262QB5 CRSS262QS0 CRSS262QS1 CRSS262QS3 CRSS262QS4 CRSS262QS5 CRSS262QW0 CRSS262QW1 CRSS262QW3 CRSS262QW4 CRSS262QW5 CRT182IPB2 CRT182IPB4 CRT182IPB5 CRT182IPW2 CRT182IPW4 CRT182IPW5 CRT185ILB0 CRT185ILB1 CRT185ILB2 CRT185ILB3 CRT185ILB4 CRT185ILB5 CRT185ILB7 CRT185ILB8 CRT185ILB9 CRT185ILS0 CRT185ILS1 CRT185ILS2 CRT185ILS3 CRT185ILS4 CRT185ILS5 CRT185ILS7 CRT185ILS8 CRT185ILW0 CRT185ILW1 CRT185ILW2 CRT185ILW3 CRT185ILW4 CRT185ILW5 CRT185ILW7 CRT185ILW8 CRT185ILW9 CRT185IPB3 CRT185IPB4 CRT185IPW3 CRT185IPW4 CRTE183IAB0 CRTE183IAB1 CRTE183IAB2 CRTE183IAB3 CRTE183IAB4 CRTE183IAS0 CRTE183IAS1 CRTE183IAS2 CRTE183IAS3 CRTE183IAS4 CRTE183IAW0 CRTE183IAW1 CRTE183IAW2 CRTE183IAW3 CRTE183IAW4 CRTE184IJB0 CRTE184IJB1 CRTE184IJB2 CRTE184IJB3 CRTE184IJB4 CRTE184IJS0 CRTE184IJS1 CRTE184IJS2 CRTE184IJS3 CRTE184IJS4 CRTE184IJW0 CRTE184IJW1 CRTE184IJW2 CRTE184IJW3 CRTE184IJW4 CRTE217IAB0 CRTE217IAB1 CRTE217IAB2 CRTE217IAQ0 CRTE217IAQ1 CRTE217IAQ2 CRTE217IAS0 CRTE217IAS1 CRTE217IAS2 CRTE217IAW0 CRTE217IAW1 CRTE217IAW2 CRTEICE DFHS2313MF0 DFHS2313MF1 DFHS2313MF2 DFHS2313MF3 DFHS2313MF4 DFHS2313MF5 DFHS2313MF6 DFHS2313MF7 DFHS2313MF8 DFHS2313MF9 DFHS2313MFA DFHS2313MFB DFHS2313MFCA DFHS2313MFDA DFHS2313MFFA DFHS2313MFHA DGHS2634KB0 DGHS2634KB2 DGHS2634KB3 DGHS2634KE1 DGHS2634KE2 DGHS2634KE3 DGHS2634KP1 DGHS2634KP2 DGHS2634KP3 DGHS2634KW0 DGHS2634KW2 DGHS2634KW3 DGHS2644KF1 DGHS2644KF2 DGHS2644KF3 DGHS2665KF0 DGHS2665KF2 DGUS2635LE0 DGUS2635LE1 DGUS2635LE2 DGUS2635LP0 DGUS2635LP1 DGUS2635LP2 DGUS2645LF0 DGUS2645LF1 DGUS2645LF2 DGUS2645LF3 DGUS2645LF4 DGUS2645LF5 DGUS2645LF6A E23CS75DSS9 E23CS75DSSC E23CS75DSSE E23CS75DSSF E23CS75DSSG E23CS75DSSH E23CS78EPS2 E23CS78EPS3 E23CS78EPS4 E23CS78ESS2 E23CS78GPS1 E23CS78GPS2 E23CS78GPS3 E23CS78GPS4 E23CS78GSS1 E23CS78GSS2 E23CS78GSS3 E23CS78GSS4 E23CS78HPS0 E23CS78HPS1 E23CS78HPS2 E23CS78HPS3 E23CS78HPS5 E23CS78HPS6 E23CS78HPS7 E23CS78HSS0 E23CS78HSS1 E23CS78HSS2 E23CS78HSS3 E23CS78HSS4 E23CS78HSS5 E32AF75FPS0 E32AF75FPS1 E32AF75FPS2 E32AF75FPS3 E32AF75FPS4 E32AF75FPS5 E32AF75FPS6 E32AF75GTT0 E32AF75JPS0 E32AF75JPS1 E32AF75JPS2 E32AF85PQSA E32AF85PQSB E32AF85PQSC EI23CS35KB0 EI23CS35KB1 EI23CS35KB2 EI23CS35KS0 EI23CS35KS1 EI23CS35KS2 EI23CS35KW0 EI23CS35KW1 EI23CS35KW2 EI23CS55GB0 EI23CS55GB1 EI23CS55GB2 EI23CS55GB3 EI23CS55GB4 EI23CS55GB5 EI23CS55GB6 EI23CS55GB7 EI23CS55GB8 EI23CS55GS0 EI23CS55GS1 EI23CS55GS2 EI23CS55GS3 EI23CS55GS4 EI23CS55GS5 EI23CS55GS6 EI23CS55GS7 EI23CS55GS8 EI23CS55GS9 EI23CS55GW0 EI23CS55GW1 EI23CS55GW2 EI23CS55GW3 EI23CS55GW4 EI23CS55GW5 EI23CS55GW6 EI23CS55GW7 EI23CS55GW8 EI23CS65KS0 EI23CS65KS1 EI23CS65KS2 EI23SS55HB0 EI23SS55HB1 EI23SS55HS0 EI23SS55HS1 EI23SS55HW0 EI23SS55HW1 EI26SS30JB0 EI26SS30JB1 EI26SS30JS0 EI26SS30JS1 EI26SS30JS3 EI26SS30JS4 EI26SS30JW0 EI26SS30JW1 EI26SS35JB0 EI26SS35JB1 EI26SS35JS0 EI26SS35JS1 EI26SS35JW0 EI26SS35JW1 EI26SS55GB0 EI26SS55GB1 EI26SS55GB2 EI26SS55GB3 EI26SS55GB4 EI26SS55GB5 EI26SS55GB6 EI26SS55GS0 EI26SS55GS1 EI26SS55GS2 EI26SS55GS3 EI26SS55GS4 EI26SS55GS5 EI26SS55GS6 EI26SS55GW0 EI26SS55GW1 EI26SS55GW2 EI26SS55GW3 EI26SS55GW4 EI26SS55GW5 EI26SS55GW6 EI32AF65JS0 EI32AF65JS1 EI32AF65JS2 EI32AF65JS3 EI32AF80QSA EI32AF80QSB EI32AF80QSC EILFU17GS0 EILFU17GS1 EILFU17GS2 EILFU21GS0 EILFU21GS1 EILFU21GS2 EW23CS65GB0 EW23CS65GB1 EW23CS65GB2 EW23CS65GB3 EW23CS65GB4 EW23CS65GS0 EW23CS65GS1 EW23CS65GS2 EW23CS65GS3 EW23CS65GS4 EW23CS65GW0 EW23CS65GW1 EW23CS65GW2 EW23CS65GW3 EW23CS65GW4 EW23CS70IB0 EW23CS70IB1 EW23CS70IB2 EW23CS70IB3 EW23CS70IB4 EW23CS70IB5 EW23CS70IS0 EW23CS70IS1 EW23CS70IS2 EW23CS70IS3 EW23CS70IS4 EW23CS70IS5 EW23CS70IS7 EW23CS70IW0 EW23CS70IW1 EW23CS70IW2 EW23CS70IW3 EW23CS70IW4 EW23CS70IW5 EW23CS85KS0 EW23CS85KS1 EW23CS85KS2 EW23SS65HB0 EW23SS65HB1 EW23SS65HB2 EW23SS65HB3 EW23SS65HB4 EW23SS65HB5 EW23SS65HS0 EW23SS65HS1 EW23SS65HS2 EW23SS65HS3 EW23SS65HS4 EW23SS65HS5 EW23SS65HS6 EW23SS65HW0 EW23SS65HW1 EW23SS65HW2 EW23SS65HW3 EW23SS65HW4 EW23SS65HW5 EW26SS65GB0 EW26SS65GB1 EW26SS65GB2 EW26SS65GB3 EW26SS65GB4 EW26SS65GS0 EW26SS65GS1 EW26SS65GS2 EW26SS65GS3 EW26SS65GS4 EW26SS65GW0 EW26SS65GW1 EW26SS65GW2 EW26SS65GW3 EW26SS65GW4 EW26SS70IB0 EW26SS70IB1 EW26SS70IB2 EW26SS70IB3 EW26SS70IB4 EW26SS70IS0 EW26SS70IS1 EW26SS70IS2 EW26SS70IS3 EW26SS70IS4 EW26SS70IS6 EW26SS70IW0 EW26SS70IW1 EW26SS70IW2 EW26SS70IW3 EW26SS70IW4 EW26SS85KS0 EW26SS85KS1 F44C19IBD0 F44C19IBW0 F44C21BD0 F44C21BW0 F44C21IBD0 F44C21IBW0 F44T18CCD0 F44T18CCW0 F44XH24BB0 F44XH24BD0 F44XH24BW0 F45WC24BD0 F45WC24BW0 F45WC26BD0 F45WC26BW0 F45WJ26HD0 F45WJ26HD1 F45WJ26HD2 F45WJ26HW0 F45WJ26HW1 F45WJ26HW2 F45WP22BD0 F45WP22BW0 F45WP22ED0 F45WP22EW0 F45WP24BD0 F45WP24BW0 F45WP24CB0 F45WP24CD0 F45WP24CW0 F45WP26CD0 F45WP26CD1 F45WP26CD2 F45WP26CW0 F45WP26CW1 F45WP26CW2 F45WR22CD0 F45WR22CD1 F45WR22CW0 F45WR22CW1 F45WR24CD0 F45WR24CD1 F45WR24CW0 F45WR24CW1 F45WR26CB0 F45WR26CD0 F45WR26CW0 F45XH24BB0 F45XH24BD0 F45XH24BW0 F45XH28BB0 F45XH28BD0 F45XH28BW0 F45ZR24JD0 F45ZR24JD1 F45ZR24JQ1 F45ZR24JW0 F45ZR24JW1 FFEX2315QE0 FFEX2315QE1 FFEX2315QM0 FFEX2315QM1 FFEX2315QP0 FFEX2315QP1 FFEX2315QS0 FFEX2315QS1 FFHI1817LB0 FFHI1817LB1 FFHI1817LB2 FFHI1817LB3 FFHI1817LB4 FFHI1817LB6 FFHI1817LB8 FFHI1817LB9 FFHI1817LBA FFHI1817LBB FFHI1817LBC FFHI1817LS0 FFHI1817LS1 FFHI1817LS2 FFHI1817LS3 FFHI1817LS6 FFHI1817LS8 FFHI1817LS9 FFHI1817LSA FFHI1817LSB FFHI1817LSC FFHI1817LW0 FFHI1817LW1 FFHI1817LW2 FFHI1817LW3 FFHI1817LW4 FFHI1817LW6 FFHI1817LW8 FFHI1817LW9 FFHI1817LWA FFHI1817LWB FFHI1817LWC FFHI1826LB0 FFHI1826LB1 FFHI1826LB2 FFHI1826LB3 FFHI1826LB4 FFHI1826LB6 FFHI1826LB7 FFHI1826LB8 FFHI1826LB9 FFHI1826LBA FFHI1826LBB FFHI1826LBC FFHI1826LK0 FFHI1826LK1 FFHI1826LK2 FFHI1826LK3 FFHI1826LK4 FFHI1826LK6 FFHI1826LK7 FFHI1826LS0 FFHI1826LS1 FFHI1826LS2 FFHI1826LS3 FFHI1826LS4 FFHI1826LS6 FFHI1826LS7 FFHI1826LW0 FFHI1826LW1 FFHI1826LW2 FFHI1826LW3 FFHI1826LW4 FFHI1826LW6 FFHI1826LW7 FFHI1826LW8 FFHI1826LW9 FFHI1826LWA FFHI1826LWB FFHI1826LWC FFHI1826PS0 FFHI1826PS2 FFHI1826PS3 FFHI1826PS4 FFHI1826PS5 FFHI1831QE0 FFHI1831QE1 FFHI1831QE2 FFHI1831QP0 FFHI1831QP1 FFHI1831QP2 FFHI1831QS0 FFHI1831QS1 FFHI1831QS2 FFHI2117LB0 FFHI2117LB2 FFHI2117LB3 FFHI2117LS0 FFHI2117LS2 FFHI2117LS3 FFHI2117LS4 FFHI2117LW0 FFHI2117LW1 FFHI2117LW2 FFHI2126LB0 FFHI2126LB1 FFHI2126LB2 FFHI2126LB5 FFHI2126LB6 FFHI2126LB7 FFHI2126LK0 FFHI2126LK1 FFHI2126LK2 FFHI2126LK4 FFHI2126LK5 FFHI2126LS0 FFHI2126LS1 FFHI2126LS2 FFHI2126LS3 FFHI2126LS5 FFHI2126LS6 FFHI2126LW0 FFHI2126LW1 FFHI2126LW2 FFHI2126LW5 FFHI2126LW6 FFHI2126PB0 FFHI2126PB1 FFHI2126PB2 FFHI2126PB3 FFHI2126PB4 FFHI2126PS0 FFHI2126PS1 FFHI2126PS2 FFHI2126PS3 FFHI2126PS4 FFHI2126PS5 FFHI2126PW0 FFHI2126PW1 FFHI2126PW2 FFHI2126PW3 FFHI2126PW4 FFHI2131QE0 FFHI2131QP0 FFHI2131QS0 FFHS2311LB0 FFHS2311LB1 FFHS2311LB2 FFHS2311LB3 FFHS2311LB6 FFHS2311LB7 FFHS2311LB8 FFHS2311LB9 FFHS2311LBA FFHS2311LBB FFHS2311LBC FFHS2311LBD FFHS2311LBE FFHS2311LBFA FFHS2311LBJA FFHS2311LBKA FFHS2311LBLA FFHS2311LBMA FFHS2311LBNA FFHS2311LBPA FFHS2311LQ0 FFHS2311LQ2 FFHS2311LQ3 FFHS2311LW0 FFHS2311LW1 FFHS2311LW2 FFHS2311LW3 FFHS2311LW6 FFHS2311LW7 FFHS2311LW8 FFHS2311LW9 FFHS2311LWA FFHS2311LWB FFHS2311LWC FFHS2311LWD FFHS2311LWEA FFHS2311LWFA FFHS2311LWGA FFHS2311LWKA FFHS2311LWMA FFHS2311LWNA FFHS2311PF0 FFHS2311PF1 FFHS2311PF2 FFHS2311PF3 FFHS2311PF4 FFHS2311PF5 FFHS2311PF6A FFHS2311PF7A FFHS2311PF8A FFHS2311PF9A FFHS2311PFBA FFHS2311PFCA FFHS2311PFDA FFHS2311PFEA FFHS2312NS0 FFHS2312NS1 FFHS2312NS2 FFHS2312NS3 FFHS2313LE0 FFHS2313LE1 FFHS2313LE3 FFHS2313LE4 FFHS2313LE5 FFHS2313LE6 FFHS2313LE7 FFHS2313LE8 FFHS2313LE9 FFHS2313LEB FFHS2313LEC FFHS2313LM0 FFHS2313LM1 FFHS2313LM3 FFHS2313LM4 FFHS2313LM5 FFHS2313LM6 FFHS2313LM7 FFHS2313LM8 FFHS2313LM9 FFHS2313LMA FFHS2313LMB FFHS2313LMC FFHS2313LMD FFHS2313LME FFHS2313LP0 FFHS2313LP3 FFHS2313LP4 FFHS2313LP5 FFHS2313LP6 FFHS2313LP7 FFHS2313LP8 FFHS2313LP9 FFHS2313LPA FFHS2313LPB FFHS2313LPC FFHS2313LPD FFHS2313LS0 FFHS2313LS1 FFHS2313LS2 FFHS2313LS3 FFHS2313LS4 FFHS2313LS5 FFHS2313LS6 FFHS2313LS7 FFHS2313LS8 FFHS2313LS9 FFHS2313LSA FFHS2313LSB FFHS2313LSC FFHS2313LSD FFHS2313LSE FFHS2322MB0 FFHS2322MB1 FFHS2322MB2 FFHS2322MB4 FFHS2322MB5 FFHS2322MB7 FFHS2322MB8 FFHS2322MB9 FFHS2322MBA FFHS2322MBB FFHS2322MBD FFHS2322MBE FFHS2322MBFA FFHS2322MBGA FFHS2322MBHA FFHS2322MBJA FFHS2322MBKA FFHS2322MM0 FFHS2322MM1 FFHS2322MM2 FFHS2322MM3 FFHS2322MM4 FFHS2322MQ0 FFHS2322MQ1 FFHS2322MQ2 FFHS2322MQ4 FFHS2322MQ5 FFHS2322MQ6 FFHS2322MQ7 FFHS2322MS0 FFHS2322MS1 FFHS2322MS2 FFHS2322MS3 FFHS2322MS4 FFHS2322MS5 FFHS2322MS6 FFHS2322MS7 FFHS2322MS8 FFHS2322MS9 FFHS2322MSB FFHS2322MSC FFHS2322MSD FFHS2322MSEA FFHS2322MSFA FFHS2322MSHA FFHS2322MSJA FFHS2322MW0 FFHS2322MW1 FFHS2322MW2 FFHS2322MW3 FFHS2322MW4 FFHS2322MW5 FFHS2322MW6 FFHS2322MW7 FFHS2322MW8 FFHS2322MW9 FFHS2322MWA FFHS2322MWB FFHS2322MWC FFHS2322MWD FFHS2322MWEA FFHS2322MWFA FFHS2322MWHA FFHS2322MWJA FFHS2611LB0 FFHS2611LB1 FFHS2611LB2 FFHS2611LB4 FFHS2611LB5 FFHS2611LB6 FFHS2611LB7 FFHS2611LB8 FFHS2611LB9 FFHS2611LBA FFHS2611LBB FFHS2611LBC FFHS2611LBD FFHS2611LBE FFHS2611LBF FFHS2611LBG FFHS2611LBH FFHS2611LBJ FFHS2611LBK FFHS2611LBLA FFHS2611LBMA FFHS2611LBNA FFHS2611LBPA FFHS2611LBRA FFHS2611LQ0 FFHS2611LQ1 FFHS2611LQ2 FFHS2611LS0 FFHS2611LS1 FFHS2611LS2 FFHS2611LW0. 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  • Brand: Frigidaire
  • MPN: 241798224
  • Compatible Brand: Electrolux brands include Electrolux, Frigidaire,

241798224 Frigidaire Ice Maker Genuine OEM 241798224