Frigidaire Refrigerator Freezer

216480901 Frigidaire Gasket Genuine OEM 216480901

216480901 Frigidaire Gasket Genuine OEM 216480901

216480901 Frigidaire Gasket Genuine OEM 216480901
216480901 Frigidaire Gasket Genuine OEM 216480901. Electrolux brands include Electrolux, Frigidaire, Tappan, Gibson, White Westinghouse, and Kenmore.

This part number has changed over the years. This is a detailed list of all known cross reference numbers.

Please note, every time a part number is cross referenced, this might indicate that it has been redesigned and might come with more or less or no additional components such as screws or wire-ring components. This part fits in the following model numbers: (Please note this is not a complete list). If you want to search for your model quickly, use the Control-F search option in windows. 216480901 Fits the Following Appliance Models 99-0828-23-00 99-0828-23-01 99-0828-23-02 99-0828-23-03 CF070 CF071 CF072 CF073 CF074 CF075 CF076 CF077 CF8DL3 CF8FL1 CF8FL2 CF8NL1 CF8NL2 CFC07M1AW0 CFC07M1AW2 CFC07M1AW3 CFC07M1HW1 CFC07M3HW0 CFC07M4AW0 CFC07M4AW10 CFC07M4AW11 CFC07M4AW2 CFC07M4AW3 CFC07M4AW4 CFC07M4AW5 CFC07M4AW6 CFC07M4AW7 CFC07M4AW8 CFC07M4AW9 CFC07M4HW0 CFC07M4HW1 CFC09M4HW0 CFS83DM1W CFS83DM2W CFS83DMOW CFS83FM1W CFS83FM2W CFS83FM3W CFS83FM4W CFS83SM2 CG08AD CG08AD0 CG08AW0 FC083JTW4 FC083LTW1 FC083LTW2 FC083LTW3 FC083LTW4 FCCS071FW0 FCCS071FW1 FFC0723DW0 FFC0723DW1 FFC0723DW10 FFC0723DW11 FFC0723DW12 FFC0723DW13 FFC0723DW14 FFC0723DW15 FFC0723DW16 FFC0723DW17 FFC0723DW18 FFC0723DW19 FFC0723DW2 FFC0723DW3 FFC0723DW4 FFC0723DW5 FFC0723DW6 FFC0723DW7 FFC0723DW8 FFC0723DW9 FFC0723FW0 FFC0723FW1 FFC0723FW2 FFC0723FW3 FFC0723FW4 FFC0723FW5 FFC07C2AW0 FFC07C2CW0 FFC07C2CW1 FFC07C2CW2 FFC07C2CW3 FFC07C2CW4 FFC07C2CW5 FFC07C2CW6 FFC07C2CW7 FFC07C2CW8 FFC07C2CW9 FFC07C3AW0 FFC07C3AW1 FFC07C3AW2 FFC07C3AW3 FFC07C3AW4 FFC07C3AW5 FFC07C3AW6 FFC07C3AW7 FFC07C3AW8 FFC07C4AW0 FFC07C4AW1 FFC07C4AW2 FFC07C4CW0 FFC07C4CW1 FFC07C4CW10 FFC07C4CW2 FFC07C4CW3 FFC07C4CW4 FFC07C4CW5 FFC07C4CW6 FFC07C4CW7 FFC07C4CW8 FFC07C4CW9 FFC07G4AW0 FFC07G4AW1 FFC07G4AW2 FFC07K0AW0 FFC07K0AW1 FFC07K0AW2 FFC07K0CW0 FFC07K0CW1 FFC07K0CW2 FFC07K0CW3 FFC07K0CW4 FFC07K0DW0 FFC07K0DW1 FFC07K0DW2 FFC07K0DW3 FFC07K0DW4 FFC07K0FW0 FFC07K1BW0 FFC07K1CW0 FFC07K1CW2 FFC07K1CW3 FFC07K1FW0 FFC07K2CW0 FFC07K2CW1 FFC07K2CW2 FFC07K2CW3 FFC07K2CW4 FFC07K2CW5 FFC07K2CW7 FFC07K2CW8 FFC07M2AW0 FFC07M2AW1 FFC07M2AW2 FFC07M4AW1 FFC07M4AW2 FFC07M4AW3 FFC07M5CW0 FFC07M5CW2 FFC07M5CW3 FFC07M5CW4 FFC07M5HW0 FFC07M5HW1 FH08M4DXFB FH08M5DTFB FH08M5DTFC FH08M5DUFA FH08M5DVFA FH08M5DVFB FH08M5DVFC FH08M5DXFC FH08M5DXFD FH08M5WTFA FRM2708A-88 GFC07M3AD1 GFC07M3AD2 GFC07M3AW0 GFC07M3AW1 GFC07M3AW2 GFC07M3AW3 GFC07M3AW4 GFC07M3AW5 GFC07M3AW6 GFC07M3AW7 GFC07M3AW8 GFC07M3AW9 GFC07M3AWA GFC07M3AWB GFC07M3AWC GFC07M3AWD GFC07M3EW0 GFC07M3EW1 GFC07M3EW2 GFC07M3EW3 KCS070GW0 KCS070GW1 KFC07M2AW0 LFFC0724DW0 LFFC0724DW1 LFFC0724DW2 LFFC0724DW3 M08A M08B MFC07M1BW0 MFC07M1BW1 MFC07M1BW2 MFC07M1BW3 MFC07M1BW4 MFC07M1BW5 MFC07M2AW0 MFC07M3BW0 MFC07M3BW1 MFC07M3BW2 MFC07M3BW3 MFC07M3BW4 MFC07M3FW0 MFC07M3FW1 MFC07M3FW3 MFC07M3FW4 MFC09M6BW3 MFC09M6BW4 TFC07M4CW0 TFC07M4CW1 TFC07M4CW2 WFC07M2AW0 WFC07M2AW1 WFC07M2AW2 WFC07M2AW3 WFC07M2AW4 WFC07M2AW5 WFC07M2AW6 WFC07M2AW7 WFC07M2AW8 WFC07M2AW9 WFC07M3HW0 WFC07M3HW1.

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  • Brand: Frigidaire
  • Type: Seal/Gasket
  • Color: White
  • MPN: 216480901

216480901 Frigidaire Gasket Genuine OEM 216480901